Video Games Post 3: How does it end?

Something interesting happened the further I progressed in The Republia Times. The levels are set in dates, and around day 5, a message popped up in my news bar: a message from a faction that wants me to plant negative stories in order to stoke a rebellion. However, because my family was still in danger, I also have to bear in mind that I cannot outright disobey the orders of the government.


The first time around, I tried to put only one negative article in at a time. However, after my allotted four days, I was found out, and my family and I killed.

So I tried again, with the same result. So I decided to change up my tactics and try to ignore the faction leader, and keep inserting positive articles. However, I had the same result. This time, however, I was told that I was no longer needed and that’s why I was killed, as opposed to being anti-government.


This makes me think that this game does not go any farther that this level, which is kind of frustrating. I feel like the creator should have included more levels and more outcomes. If every choice leads to the same outcome, then how can this be a suitable video game?

As for whether or not I would use this game in the future, I don’t think that I will in my classroom. Initially, I thought that I would, because I thought that it would work well into an English classroom. However, I am very disappointed that there is no ending that depends on User choice. Everything ends up in the User dying. This does not utilize Gee’s principal of co-design, because the user actually does not have any impact further than day 11.

With a little tweaking, I believe that this could be a really great game, but right now it just feels incomplete. And considering that this game was nominated for several awards, I am surprised that this is the outcome.


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